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Paupack Hills

Golf Course

Golf Course

The course, a Tom Fazio Championship Course, was designed in 1966. Construction was completed in 1974. The signature 6th and 16th holes each have an unencumbered, spectacular view of Lake Wallenpaupack.

The USGA has rated the course:
Championship - 72.5/132          Middle - 71.0/130          Forward - 67.7/123

Par 4 Back Tees: 406 Yards Middle Tees: 391 yards Forward Tees: 320 yards
Pro Tip:

A tee shot placed down the right half of the fairway will open up the green for the approach.

Par 4 Back Tees: 437 Yards Middle Tees: 403 yards Forward Tees: 365 yards
Pro Tip:

Longer hitters should play the left side of the fairway to have a shorter second shot. Need 1/2 club more than yardage to reach the green.

Par 4 Back Tees: 358 Yards Middle Tees: 344 yards Forward Tees: 295 yards
Pro Tip:

Playing the tee shot to the 150 yard marker will avoid problems with the large pine on the right. Play 2nd shot for the center of the green which slopes away from the direction of play.

Par 5 Back Tees: 502 Yards Middle Tees: 484 yards Forward Tees: 447 yards
Pro Tip:

Hit the drive down the right side to avoid the bunker. The 2nd shot played to the left side will leave an easy approach; however, be cautious of OB on the left.

Par 3 Back Tees: 200 Yards Middle Tees: 191 yards Forward Tees: 136 yards
Pro Tip:

The player must carry the full yardage to hit the green. The right side is the safest shot.

Par 4 Back Tees: 413 Yards Middle Tees: 394 yards Forward Tees: 299 yards
Pro Tip:

Gamblers may try to cut the corner! The safe drive should be aimed at the far left fairway bunker. Miss this green left and you are sure to make bogey.

Par 3 Back Tees: 208 Yards Middle Tees: 186 yards Forward Tees: 134 yards
Pro Tip:

Play your tee shot 10 yards shorter than the yardage off the tee. The hump in the middle of the green may kick the ball to the left or right.

Par 4 Back Tees: 367 Yards Middle Tees: 354 yards Forward Tees: 325 yards
Pro Tip:

Pay attention to the pin placement; when the hole is on the front, keep the approach shot on the front. Proper placement of the ball on the green will avoid 3 putting. Uphill shot requires an extra club.

Par 5 Back Tees: 575 Yards Middle Tees: 536 yards Forward Tees: 488 yards
Pro Tip:

Long par 5. Guard against the water hazard on right while hitting blind 2nd shot.

Par 4 Back Tees: 371 Yards Middle Tees: 355 yards Forward Tees: 321 yards
Pro Tip:

A tee shot down the outside is ideal, however, avoid the bid oak tree. The safe approach is to the center of the green.

Par 4/5 Back Tees: 443 Yards Middle Tees: 429 yards Forward Tees: 414 yards
Pro Tip:

Most difficult hole on the course! A tee shot down the left side will move to the right. Long 2nd shot to a small green. Bogey on this hole is not a bad score.

Par 4 Back Tees: 330 Yards Middle Tees: 319 yards Forward Tees: 308 yards
Pro Tip:

Short par 4 but don't be fooled. A good tee shot will leave a short approach to a narrow green. Avoid going to the left or long.

Par 5 Back Tees: 472 Yards Middle Tees: 458 yards Forward Tees: 409 yards
Pro Tip:

Short par 5 that demands a straight tee shot. Reachable in 2 for the long hitter. Keep the approach shot below the hole.

Par 4 Back Tees: 410 Yards Middle Tees: 395 yards Forward Tees: 352 yards
Pro Tip:

Place the drive in the center of the fairway. The second shot plays 1/2 club longer. OB comes into play for shots hit over the green.

Par 4 Back Tees: 349 Yards Middle Tees: 324 yards Forward Tees: 291 yards
Pro Tip:

Tee shots down the left side will leave the easiest approach. Guard against hitting through the fairway off of the tee.

Par 3 Back Tees: 144 Yards Middle Tees: 138 yards Forward Tees: 120 yards
Pro Tip:

The 1st of back-to-back par 3s. Plays 20 yards shorter than the yardage, however, be cautious of the wind. The shallow green is difficult to read the subtle breaks.

Par 3 Back Tees: 183 Yards Middle Tees: 176 yards Forward Tees: 155 yards
Pro Tip:

This hole plays 10 yards less than the yardage. Avoid the left bunker which is blind from the tee. Almost all putts break from right to left.

Par 4 Back Tees: 388 Yards Middle Tees: 361 yards Forward Tees: 317 yards
Pro Tip:

Risk/Reward - Carrying the spillway will leave a short approach to a tightly guarded green. The safe drive is left center and will leave a 160 yard shot to the center. Avoid the left greenside bunker. Be careful with your putt, everyone at the 19th hole is watching.

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